Remote support assistance page for SLAsh Tech, LLC
At the end of the session, I will email you an invoice, billed in half hour increments, at my remote rate of $40 per half hr.
Download Support Application



If you use chrome and have your gmail address and password available, or are already signed into chrome:
  1. Click here and sign in using your gmail address and password if neccessary.
  2. Click the Download button at the bottom right of the top box "Get Support".
  3. Install any software you are prompted to, including the Extension.
  4. Provide me with the code you are given and I'll be able to take over your computer.

Download this file and run it to get me connected. I'll need the id and password provided by it.
OSX 10.6 and above
  1. Download the software
  2. Open the downloaded file (double click on it), accepting any warnings or prompts
  3. Provide me with the "Your ID" and "Password" information.
  1. Download the software or for Samsung devices, software, from the play store.
  2. Run the newly installed app.
  3. Provide me with the "Your ID" and Allow the connection when prompted.